Wedding Ceremonies

Dave ceremony
photos courtesy of Shawn Tomkinson


David likes to meet with each bride and groom so he can get to know you and personalize the ceremony.  He will work with you to craft the wedding of your dreams.  If you live away from New England, he can do phone consultation or skyping.

He uses a very successful format as a starting point.  This can be used in its entirety, or changed and modified to suit the couples’ desires and tastes.  Each element of the ceremony (greeting, vows, exchange of rings, etc.) can be shared as a Word document,  making  it easy to customize.

Some couples like brief and simple.  Others choose special readings, music and symbolic rituals, such as a sand ceremony, unity candle or hand fasting.  There are many options available.  David has much experience leading both religious and non-religious ceremonies.  What’s important is that it is YOUR wedding and should reflect your wishes.  Even though he is a minister, he is not confined to any sectarian format.  He has officiated many weddings for couples from different faiths or no religious affiliation.   Depending on the preference of the bride & groom, he can wear a clerical robe or dark suit.

David has a variety of resources to offer, such as readings, songs and fresh ideas.  As a ceremony leader, he is warm, relaxed and confident.  This, in turn, gives the bride and groom and the entire wedding party confidence that all will go well.  He is also skilled at leading the wedding rehearsal in preparation for the big day.  He welcomes a phone call to talk about your wedding plans, with no obligation on your part.