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Wedding Venues

Posted on: November 4th, 2013 by admin

As I look at my history of officiating weddings, I am struck by how many were conducted in natural settings.  Although I am retired from the church, most of my services have been outdoors – in the mountains, at the seashore or lakeside, or in gardens and backyards.  Most often couples choose a location where the reception is at the same location as the wedding, which averts getting into cars and traffic.  With so many details involved in wedding planning, many people are opting for the “simpler the better.”  There is much to said for this, especially when involves photographers, DJs and other vendors.  Of course, what is most important is the significance of the location to the wedding couple.  If there is a history or emotional connection to the space where the ceremony occurs, this becomes a sacred memory treasured  for a lifetime.

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